RESOURCES | We’ve pulled together these resources to help clarify common family law matters and we’re here to answer any questions you may have during what we know can be an emotionally overwhelming time.

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The Seven Grounds for Divorce in Texas
by Taylor Joeckel

In Texas, a spouse filing for divorce must allege at least one of the seven grounds for divorce as laid out in Texas Family Code Sections 6.001-007 to be entitled to a divorce. While there... Read More >

Taking Care of our Mental Health in 2021
by Jenny Gomez

The biggest silver lining of 2020 for me, was the normalization of talking about mental health. The phrase “it’s okay to not be okay,” became a common slogan and gave us all permission to talk... Read More >

Business man with slacks and tie holds hand of young daughter with pigtails

Will remarriage affect my child support obligation?
by Taylor Joeckel

A frequent family law question we receive is whether remarriage affects child support. Unlike spousal maintenance or alimony, child support does not terminate when one, both, or either parent remarries. Regardless of whether you’re paying... Read More >

Two young boys sitting outside and laughing

Making Co-Parenting Decisions During COVID
by Jenny Gomez

Being a good parent is hard. Being divorced is really hard. Making good parenting decisions with someone you don’t often agree with is very hard. And then, Covid…. Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down... Read More >

Human hand opening a metal gun safe with a gun inside, studio cropped shot

Guns N Orders: Firearms and Family Law
by Fred Adams

There are a number of both state and federal laws about which the family law practitioner should be knowledgeable, so that they will be in a position to advise their clients. The most significant portion... Read More >