RESOURCES | We’ve pulled together these resources to help clarify common family law matters and we’re here to answer any questions you may have during what we know can be an emotionally overwhelming time.

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8 Ways to Ensure You Retain Custody of Your Child
by Liz Porter

The presumption that a mother will be the primary caretaker of a child post-divorce or separation no longer exists in Texas. In fact, the Texas Family Code specifically states that the court will consider the “qualifications”... Read More >

Family Law Issues for Entrepreneurs
by Kevin Segler

Family lawyers can help entrepreneurs protect their businesses before marriage, during marriage, and at the time of divorce. Marriage and divorce are both significant personal life events as well as business transactions. A marriage creates... Read More >

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Can my mother-in-law fight me for custody?
by Lindsey Vanden Eykel

Although your mother-in-law may appear to be standing in all corners of your life, if she tries to fight you for custody of your children (*sigh* yes, her grandchildren), the court will probably tell her... Read More >

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Grandparent’s Rights to Grandchildren
by Charla Bradshaw

Historically, grandparents have played a vital role in the development, nurturing, and care-giving of their grandchildren.  Questions tend to arise however, when a grandchild’s parents separate, divorce, pass away, become incarcerated, or are found to... Read More >

Retaliation by Liquidation
by Ike Vanden Eykel

All too often in marriages, one spouse is almost solely responsible for all the fixed income, equity investments and checking accounts. What often happens in a divorce, especially the highly-contested, bitter ones, is that this... Read More >