RESOURCES | We’ve pulled together these resources to help clarify common family law matters and we’re here to answer any questions you may have during what we know can be an emotionally overwhelming time.

News & Articles Related to Property and Asset Division

Two spouse hands pulling apart a marriage agreement during business divorce

Is Your Business Safe from Divorce?
by Taylor Toombs Imel

What you need to know about shareholder, partnership, and buy-sell agreements. Texas is a good place to do business. Having no corporate or individual income tax and a simplified regulatory system has made Texas a... Read More >

50/50 Divorce Property Division: Three Common Myths
by Kevin Segler as published by Dallas Bar Headnotes

Common misconceptions persist about how property is, or can be, divided in a Texas divorce case. These misconceptions are often held by clients, as well as by some attorneys, and are sometimes even perpetuated in... Read More >

Who Gets the Dog? Pets and Divorce.
by Charla Bradshaw as published by Good Life Family magazine

Pets can provide unbelievable companionship and unconditional love for adults and children.  Yet, animals, such as dogs, cats, and horses, are considered personal property for divorce purposes and unfortunately can also be the subject of... Read More >

Why Every Athlete Needs a Family Lawyer
by Patrick Upton and Kristopher Hufstetler

Taking the next step from collegiate athletics to professional athletics is an incredible opportunity, but also a massive undertaking. It is often the case that athletes rely on a team of representatives to guide them... Read More >

Protecting Your Assets During Divorce
by Charla Bradshaw

Divorcing spouses or those contemplating divorce often have concerns about how to protect their assets. It is very common to have concerns such as “What will happen to my house?” “What will happen to my... Read More >

Retaliation by Liquidation
by Ike Vanden Eykel

All too often in marriages, one spouse is almost solely responsible for all the fixed income, equity investments and checking accounts. What often happens in a divorce, especially the highly-contested, bitter ones, is that this... Read More >