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PROPERTY AND ASSET DIVISION | During a divorce, the Court divides the assets and liabilities considered community property, based on what the Court deems is a fair and equitable division.

Anything that is acquired during the marriage that is not otherwise proven to be separate property is presumed to be community property. Separate property is anything that is acquired prior to the marriage, or that is acquired during the marriage by gift or inheritance. The determination of an asset or liability as separate or community is considered the characterization of the property.

It is not uncommon for disputes to arise as to the character or value of an asset. KoonsFuller attorneys specialize in complex property division and work closely with experts, when needed.

Unfortunately, community assets are sometimes hidden or wasted by one spouse. With the help of a KoonsFuller attorney, you can determine the best possible strategy to recover these assets.

Assets our attorneys routinely deal with in divorce cases include:

  • Residential and commercial real estate
  • Employee benefits and retirement plans
  • Stock options, restricted stock and deferred compensation, and long term investments
  • Oil & gas royalties and working interests
  • Insurance policies
  • Businesses
  • Farm and ranch property and assets, including livestock and equipment
  • Intellectual property such as copyrights and patents