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KoonsFuller’s Denton family law and divorce office is led by Managing Shareholder Charla Bradshaw.

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Divorce is a tense, difficult time, whether it was a mutual decision or not. Even in amicable splits, there are still a great deal of documents and red tape to sort through. Division of property, child custody, paternity law, alimony settlements – all of these issues take a great deal of time and energy to resolve. That’s why KoonsFuller is here for all your Denton family law issues

Our family attorneys are board-certified, distinguished professionals with decades of combined experience handling a wide range of cases, opposing attorneys, courtrooms, and judges. When you’re in the middle of such an emotionally taxing life event, leaving the hard work in our hands is well worth it. In these situations, you need an impartial source that can assist you as you divide your assets equally and achieve the fairest results for your trial. No matter the situation, we’ll advise you on the best plan of action.

But divorce isn’t the only part of our legal repertoire. We also take care of pre-marital agreements that protect your personal property in the event that you ever do decide to get a divorce. We’ll also assess whether or not a post-marital (or asset partition) agreement is appropriate in your situation.

We can also keep you out of the courts with mediation and collaborative law services. Not every split has to be done in the presence of a judge; if you can come to an amicable agreement without the trouble of a long, drawn-out trial, we’ll make every effort to simplify the process and help you move forward.

Or perhaps you cannot meet face-to-face with your ex due to domestic violence charges or a restraining order. We make these uncomfortable situations more tolerable by acting as a buffer between you and the other party.

At KoonsFuller, our clients are our main focus and shape everything we do. We are determined to give you the best legal representation for your case and put your interests and well-being at the forefront, every time.

If our approach appeals to you and you’re in need of legal counsel for your family law case, give our Denton office a call at (940) 442-6677 and one of our specialists will consult with you on the next steps.

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