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KoonsFuller President and Managing Shareholder Rick Roberston is head of the Plano family law and divorce office.

Your Plano Divorce Attorney and Family Lawyer

Struggling with a family law issue? Our Plano family lawyers can help! Whether it’s a divorce, child custody, alimony, division of property, or a paternity case, we have in-depth experience with all of these areas of family law.

Family Law Experts

We are your go-to Plano, TX divorce lawyers and family law experts. Our team of seasoned attorneys specialize in all aspects of family law, and we make it a priority to stay current on any changes to family law statutes. If there’s been a new policy enacted that could impact your case, we guarantee that we’ll use that knowledge to your advantage.

Impartial, Objective, and Professional

While we’re not therapists, we can provide you with a sense of stability and emotional support when you’re going through a difficult family law issue. Our Plano family law and divorce lawyers are objective, third-party sources, and they can serve as a pillar of strength to keep you grounded.

We’ll always offer you the best legal advice we can, and we’ll also make sure that we cover everything in one go so that you can get this all taken care of and move on with your life as soon as possible. Nothing is worse than having a problem arise years later before you neglected to take care of everything back when you should have.

Mediation and Negotiation

We go toe-to-toe with opposing attorneys and disgruntled parties every day, so our law firm is unparalleled when it comes to negotiation skills. In the end, our goal is for everyone involved to walk away with something to gain. We also offer mediation services in situations where it is either dangerous or otherwise emotionally difficult to meet with the other involved party. We can speak on your behalf and negotiate favorable terms to settle your divorce in a way that you can both agree to.

Our practice is dedicated to helping families with high-quality litigation, collaborative law, and mediation. If you’re in need of a Plano family lawyer or divorce attorney, call (972) 769-2727 to get in touch with our talented team of specialists at the Plano KoonsFuller office today.

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