HAVE YOU HEARD? | KoonsFuller has a reputation for taking remarkably good care of our clients. The firm’s growth over the years is largely due to referrals and word-of-mouth. Success is the best form of advertising.

Family law is not only what we do. It’s all we do.

KoonsFuller clients are served by a team of family law all-stars. With our five full-service offices across Texas and a disproportionately large number of attorneys who are board-certified in family law, we offer a level of clout and a range of resources unmatched by any other family law firm in the Southwest. Our attorneys routinely consult with each other and draw upon individual experiences to help deliver results for clients. And working together, as a fully integrated team, there’s no case too large or too complex for KoonsFuller to manage.


KoonsFuller Family Law attorneys continue to be highly-rated and recognized in their field, including:

Our mission is to provide high-quality legal services and superior results for clients who demand the best family law representation possible. And everything we do is founded on unassailable integrity and an unwavering commitment to ethical business practices.

We’re guided by these key values:

Mutual Respect

We honor the differences in people while respecting our common commitment to doing the best work we can for each and every one of our clients. We promote individuality while encouraging a team approach that consistently produces results.


We settle for nothing but the best in the professionals we ask to join our firm. Every KoonsFuller attorney has proven him- or herself to be a standout in the field of family law. And every KoonsFuller team member brings a track record of success and a commitment to provide exceptional service to our clients. Clients come to KoonsFuller expecting the best, and we deliver.

Client Focus

Simply put, clients are our focus. We put their interests, objectives and wellbeing first in every aspect of what we do.

Employee Commitment

We encourage long-term commitment to our firm by all partners, associates and employees. We value and reward quality work, loyalty, and contributions to KoonsFuller’s continued success.

Bill Koons established the firm in 1978 as one of the first law practices in Texas to handle divorce and child custody actions exclusively. Ken Fuller, a member of the first class of Texas board-certified family law attorneys, joined the firm shortly thereafter.

Ike Vanden Eykel, the firm’s CEO and Dallas managing shareholder, and Rick Robertson, the firm’s President and Plano managing shareholder, joined the firm in the 1990s, adding further clout to the well-established KoonsFuller brand.

In 2007, Tarrant County standout attorney, Heather King, joined the firm and added a third office, located in Southlake. A Denton County office was opened when Charla Bradshaw’s Denton firm merged with KoonsFuller in 2008. And in early 2013, KoonsFuller opened its fifth location, the Houston office, managed by Houston family law attorney, Sherri Evans.

Board certification is a mark of excellence and a distinguishing accomplishment. Within the Texas legal community, board certification means an attorney has substantial, relevant experience and has demonstrated exceptional competence in a specific field of law.

Of the nearly 97,000 lawyers in Texas, fewer than 900 are board-certified in family law. Twenty three of those board certified attorneys work at KoonsFuller. That’s far more than any other family law firm in Texas – a tremendous asset for our clients.

KoonsFuller’s Board Certified Attorneys:

Ike Vanden Eykel

Rick Robertson

Charla Bradshaw

Heather King

Sherri Evans

Liz Porter

Julie Crawford

Fred Adams

Rebecca Tillery Rowan

Bo Nichols

Sean Patrick Abeyta

Sarah Darnell

Rebecca Armstrong

Jessica Janicek

Patrick Upton

Robert McEwan

Laura Hayes

Neda Garrett

Sally Pretorius

Kevin Segler

Taylor Imel

Chris Meuse

Dana Manry