Peer and industry recognition

For us, the most meaningful form of recognition is the affirmation that comes from our long list of satisfied clients. We're also honored by the awards and accolades we’ve received from the media and various industry organizations — the majority of which are determined by the judges and peers we work with every day.

Martin Hubbell AV Preeminent

Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent
Fred Adams
Charla Bradshaw
Neda Garrett
Heather King
Brian Loughmiller
Rick Robertson
Ike Vanden Eykel

Legal Leaders
Fred Adams
Heather King
Rick Robertson
Ike Vanden Eykel

The U.S. News - Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms”

"Best Law Firm"
U.S. News - Best Lawyers®
DFW Tier 1 in Family Law, 2010-2023
DFW Tier 1 in Family Law Mediation, 2020-2023

Lawyer of the Year

"Lawyer of the Year"
U.S. News - Best Lawyers®
Neda Garrett, Family Law Arbitration, DFW, 2023
Heather King, Family Law, DFW, 2022

Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers Texas, 
Thomson Reuters
Sean Abeyta, 2014-Present
Fred Adams, 2003-Present
Charla Bradshaw, 2002-Present 
Julie Crawford, 2013-Present
Neda Garrett, 2022
Jessica Hall Janicek,Present
Heather King, 2002-Present
Brian Loughmiller, 2005-Present
Dana Manry, 2014-Present
Robert McEwan, 2021-Present
Liz Porter, 2012, 2014-Present 
Sally Pretorius, 2014-Present 
Rick Robertson, 2003-Present
Ike Vanden Eykel, 2003-Present

Top 100: Texas
Charla Bradshaw, 2014, 2020-Present
Heather King, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014-Present
Rick Robertson, 2005, 2012, 2015-Present

Top 100: DFW
Charla Bradshaw, 2005, 2014, 2016-2017, 2020-Present
Heather King, 2006-2008, 2011-Present
Liz Porter, 2021-Present
Sally Pretorius, 2021-Present 
Rick Robertson, 2005, 2009, 2012, 2014-Present

Top 50: Women Texas
Charla Bradshaw, 2005, 2014, 2016-Present
Jessica Hall Janicek, Present
Heather King, 2004-Present
Dana Manry, Present
Sally Pretorius, 2018-Present

Super Lawyers Rising Stars

Super Lawyers Texas Rising Stars, 
Thomson Reuters

Julie Crawford, 2005-2012 
Neda Garrett, 2015-Present
Lauren S. Harris, 2019-Present
Jessica Hall Janicek, 2014-Present
Robert McEwan, 2016-2021
Chris Meuse, 2016-Present
Liz Porter, 2009-2011
Paul Leopold, 2020-Present
James Logue, Present 
Sally Pretorius, 2014
Kevin Segler, 2017-Present
Justin Whiddon, 2021-Present
Drew Williamson, 2020-Present
Lindsey Vanden Eykel, Present

Up & Coming 50 Women
Julie Crawford, 2022
Liz Porter, 2021-Present
Neda Garrett, 2018-Present
Jessica Hall Janicek, 2017-Present

Up & Coming 100
Neda Garrett, 2018-Present
Justin Whiddon, 2021
Jessica Hall Janicek, 2017-Present

Best Lawyer’s in America

Best Lawyers in America®
Sean Abeyta, 2017-2022
Fred Adams, 2016-Present
Charla Bradshaw, 2011-Present
Sarah Cary, 2022
Julie Crawford, 2009-Present
Tom Daley, 2022 
Neda Garrett, 2022 
Lauren S. Harris, 2022
Bonny Haynes, 2022
Laura Hayes, 2019-Present
Jessica Hall Janicek, 2015-Present
Heather King, 2007-Present
Paul Leopold, 2022
James Logue, 2021-2022
Brian Loughmiller, 2021-Present
Dana Manry, 2021-2022 
Chris Muese, 2020-Present
Jessica Perroni, 2022
Liz Porter, 2015-Present
Sally Pretorius, 2018-Present
Rick Robertson, 1997-Present
Kevin Segler, 2022
Lauren Shaw, 2022
Deron Sugg, 2018-Present
Ike Vanden Eykel, 1995-Present
Lindsay Vanden Eykel, 2020-Present

Best Lawyers World's Premier Guide
Dana Manry, Listed in The World’s Premier Guide 

D-Magazine Best

Best Lawyers
D Magazine

Charla Bradshaw, 2010
Julie Crawford, 2013
Neda Garrett, 2021-Present 
Sally Pretorius, 2021-Present
Liz Porter, 2019-2020
Rick Robertson, 2016-2020
Ike Vanden Eykel, 2008-2019
Lindsay Vanden Eykel, 2019-2020

Best Lawyers Under 40 
Neda Garrett, 2018-Present
Lauren S. Harris, 2019-Present
Sally Pretorius, 2017-Present

Best of Denton county

Best of Legal Services
Best of Denton County
Charla Bradshaw, 2016,2019-2021
James Logue, 2019-2020

Addison Magazine 11th Annual Reader’s Choice Awards

Addison Reader’s Choice Awards
Brian Loughmiller
Deron Sugg
Jessica Perroni
Julie Crawford
Neda Garrett
Rick Robertson
Sally Pretorius

360 West Magazine

Top Attorneys
360 West Magazine

Jessica Hall Janicek, 2019-Present
Heather King, 2022-Present
Paul Leopold, 2019-Present
Dana Manry, 2017-Present
Robert McEwan, 2019
Courtney H. Walker, 2014-Present
Drew Williamson, 2019-Present

Southlake Style

Women in Business
Southlake Style

Jessica Hall Janicek, 2021
Heather King, 2021
Dana Manry, 2021
Courtney H. Walker, 2021

Fort Worth Magazine

Top Attorneys
Fort Worth Magazine

Jessica Hall Janicek, 2012-Present
Heather King, 2022-Present
Paul Leopold, 2019-Present
Dana Manry, 2017-Present
Robert McEwan, 2019-Present
Rick Robertson, 2016-2020
Courtney H. Walker, 2014-Present
Drew Williamson, 2019-Present

When experience (and discretion) matters

When experience (and discretion) matters

For high-profile clients who may have a public, professional, or commercial image to uphold, legal expertise isn’t enough. Our attorneys place a high priority on discretion and can advise you on ways to pursue your case outside the public arena.

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