Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

Most people do not enter into marriage with the anticipation of a divorce. At KoonsFuller, we view pre- and post-nuptial agreements as a sensible form of insurance against the uncertainties that life can throw your way. 

The purpose of these agreements is not to give one spouse an unfair advantage over the other. Rather, they exist to help minimize the stress, uncertainty, and disagreements that might occur, should a divorce or separation arise.

Let’s take the uncertainties out of your future

Routinely, pre-nuptial agreements cover areas such as:

  • The ownership of property and assets obtained before or during the marriage
  • Rules governing the buying, selling and transferring of property during the marriage
  • Agreements on businesses, partnerships and other holdings that may impact future income
  • Spousal support
  • Current and future wills, trusts, death benefits and insurance policies

As couples mature and their assets or business holdings grow, the Texas Family Code enables them to modify the status of community property. This is often advisable in marriages involving:

  • Businesses formed during the course of the marriage
  • Businesses that involve partnerships with individuals outside the marriage
  • Spouses who maintain separate incomes, businesses, bank accounts, pensions or retirement funds
  • Potential future income from investments, trusts or inherited assets 
  • The need to limit liability or debt exposure incurred or held by one spouse

    At KoonsFuller, we feel that every couple could benefit from the assurance of a fair pre- or postnuptial agreement. If you’d like to discuss how such an agreement could benefit you, contact us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation.