What do our clients say?

At KoonsFuller, many of our clients are high-net-worth individuals who trust us to protect and defend their rights, their privacy, their relationships with their children and the lifestyle that they have worked hard to build. To us, the hallmark of a great law firm is its ability to achieve positive client results. We are both honored and humbled by these words of appreciation from our clients.

Ram K.

Your commitment to understanding our cultural intricacies and achieving the best possible outcomes has given us peace of mind and reassurance during times of uncertainty. Your attention to detail, thoroughness, and diligence in handling each and every aspect has been remarkable.

Michelle F.

Fred Adams is by far the most ethical, kind, honest family law lawyer in Dallas County.

Susanna G.

I cannot emphasize enough what an excellent lawyer Chris Meuse is. From the very first day, he guided me through the entire legal process in the best and most efficient way for my particular circumstances. In the end, I got exactly the result that we were hoping — I 100% recommend hiring him as your lawyer!

Shani J.

Jessica Hall Janicek of KoonsFuller is a very fine family law attorney. She is a fierce advocate, compassionate, and knowledgeable.

Caleb A.

The best legal team. Very dependable. Very Texas.

Kril C.

They approached my case with compassion and a laser focus on the well-being of my children.

Joshua C.

Best law firm BY FAR! Very reputable and really care for their clients! Thank you!!! Definitely recommend!!

Larissa H.

They were always available to answer my questions, and they kept my case going even when I was too busy to keep track of all the changes in my personal life. They fought for my legal rights when I did not have the strength to do so.

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When experience (and discretion) matters

When experience (and discretion) matters

For high-profile clients who may have a public, professional, or commercial image to uphold, legal expertise isn’t enough. Our attorneys place a high priority on discretion and can advise you on ways to pursue your case outside the public arena.

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