Even though there is no judge, arbitration is similar to going to court in a few important respects. Both spouses retain counsel to represent their interests, and in the end, the arbitrator has the authority to pass judgments and settle any contested issues.

However, there are also significant differences. Couples can select the arbitrator of their choice and move forward in a streamlined fashion that is typically faster and less costly than going to court. In addition, while court proceedings are usually open to the press and general public, the process of arbitration is confidential and private.

Argue your case — without the publicity 

Arbitration is often a desirable course of action for high-profile individuals who have a public or corporate image to consider, or in cases where considerable assets may be at stake.

For cases that have the potential to become highly litigious, arbitration provides a way to exercise one’s rights and reach a settlement in a faster, less costly, and more private manner. To learn more or to discuss your arbitration options, contact us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation.