Our courts are not infallible. Sometimes an unjust or questionable ruling happens, and spouses, parents, and grandparents have the right to appeal a decision in the Court of Appeals, and, potentially, to the Texas Supreme Court.

At KoonsFuller, we have the resources needed to investigate and review your case, prepare for or defend against an appeal, and argue your case before an appellate court. Our team is both experienced in and committed to ensuring that any decision is fair and equitable to all parties involved.

Not all rulings are final

Our team of attorneys have experience in appealing rulings in all areas of family law. This includes such areas such as:

  • Unfair custody and visitation rulings
  • Inequitable division of assets
  • Unreasonable terms and conditions for the dissolution of assets
  • Amounts and terms of child custody and spousal support
  • Improper valuation of business holdings, real estate and other assets

    If you’re faced with questions regarding the fairness of a past ruling, you have legal recourse. Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation.