Termination, Adoption & Surrogacy

An adoption or change of guardianship can be a happy event for all parties involved. But even in the best of situations, it is important to take the legal steps necessary to remove any doubt as to who will hold parental rights and authority throughout the coming years.

In surrogacy or adoption, or in cases where children are simply left in the care of extended family members, serious problems can arise later if any legal formalities are overlooked. For a guardian who wishes to raise a child as their own, it is crucial to take the steps needed to ensure that their parental rights are recognized by the courts.

We take care of every detail

Our attorneys are among a small group in Texas that frequently collaborate with agencies and law firms around the world to handle highly complex adoption and assisted reproduction agreements. We are well versed in handling all types of cases involving the transference of parental rights, and will guide you through situations such as: 

  • Voluntary termination of parental rights to enable adoption
  • Involuntary termination of parental rights due to neglect, abandonment or incompetence
  • Filing of petitions for adoption
  • Surrogacy contracts and agreements
  • Establishing legal guidelines for open and closed adoptions
  • Egg, sperm or embryo donor agreements
  • Protection against biological parents or surrogates who petition for rights

If you’re considering adoption or assisted reproduction, selecting an experienced law firm should be one of your top priorities. To discuss your options and learn how you can best protect your interests, contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation.