LGBTQ+ Family Law

In recent years, LGBTQ+ couples and individuals have seen the courts move in a positive direction to extend their rights. From marriage, to adoption, to the status of cohabitating couples, the legal landscape for them has changed in virtually every area of family law.

While the law works in earnest to ensure equality, LGBTQ+ couples still deal with a special set of challenges. They are more likely to be faced with issues involving adoption, foster parenting, surrogacy, or donor arrangements. They are also more likely to be involved in a relationship in which only one spouse can claim biological parental status.

We understand the challenges you face

Despite recent advances, the language of Texas family law often presupposes a heterosexual relationship. This can lead to uncertainties surrounding LGBTQ+ legal rights in the eyes of the court. At KoonsFuller, our attorneys help you come to a firm understanding of the law, and take the steps necessary to protect your rights in areas involving:

  • Adoption for single, married or divorced LGBTQ+ adults
  • Second parent adoption in cases where only one partner/spouse is the biological parent
  • LGBTQ+ divorce
  • Child custody representation for biological, non-biological and legal co-parents

If you are faced with an LGBTQ+ family law issue, contact us to discuss your options or to arrange a no-obligation consultation.