Modifications & Enforcements

In a perfect world, family law disputes would end with a court ruling or the signing of an agreement. However, often times, issues arise after a settlement is reached. In some cases, one party may ignore or fail to deliver on the terms of the settlement. In other cases, fluctuations or a permanent decline in income may impact a former spouse’s ability to meet all obligations.

What happens when past settlements do not meet present needs?

Typically, an order of enforcement is used when one party willingly or knowingly refuses to obey the terms of a settlement. The need for modifications may arise when personal or professional circumstances change, such as:

  • A substantial increase or decline in personal income
  • Cessation of a business
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency
  • A change in residence or geographic location
  • A change in marital status
  • The selling of an asset that was previously jointly held

In these instances, the team at KoonsFuller has the expertise and experience needed to file a motion for the modification or enforcement of an existing agreement. For more information, contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation.