Conflict Resolution

In any area of family law, it comes as no surprise that disagreements or conflicts frequently arise. When this happens, there are four basic forms of conflict resolution that enable couples to reach an agreeable settlement: litigation, mediation, collaboration, and arbitration.

Which path will best serve your interests?

While KoonsFuller offers a depth of proven experience in courtroom litigation, we also work to achieve your goals through mediation, collaboration, or arbitration. These three alternative options often allow couples to have more control over their settlement. These alternative options also allow couples to be more creative in reaching solutions that meet the unique needs of their family. These avenues also provide a greater degree of privacy, as the proceedings do not become public record.

You’ll find more about the details of these four options at the links below. If you’d like to discuss which option is best for you, contact us for a no-obligation consultation. 

> Litigation: Litigation involves arguing your case in a courtroom setting before a judge. Attorneys from both sides state their cases, and the judge determines the final ruling.

> Mediation: In Texas, couples are often required to attempt to arrive at a solution through an impartial mediator before taking their case to the courtroom.

> Collaboration: Even when key areas are deeply contested, couples may opt to reach a settlement by working through their respective attorneys, without going to court. 

> Arbitration: This option provides an environment in which an arbitrator can make rulings much like a judge, but without the delays, costs, docket backlogs and constraints of the court.