KoonsFuller Women of Influence

KoonsFuller Women of Influence

KoonsFuller has long been known as a family of all-stars, and within this powerhouse group of attorneys, 16 are women and 10 women are shareholders. With four full-service offices across North Texas and a large number of attorneys who are board-certified in family law, KoonsFuller offers an unmatched level of clout and range of resources. All of the attorneys at KoonsFuller are well respected within the family law community, and the award-winning women attorneys here have a legacy of leadership both within the firm and in the communities they serve.

Shareholder Charla Bradshaw says each case is thoughtfully and strategically assigned, which female clients appreciate. “In family law, many clients—particularly women—often relate more to women lawyers,” she says. “We get creative on how we can help our clients and are sensitive to their unique, individual situations. We prioritize our clients and pair them with attorneys who will achieve the best possible outcome for their case.” The attorneys at KoonsFuller routinely consult with each other and draw upon their own individual experiences to benefit their clients—no case is too complex. “We understand our clients want to be heard,” Bradshaw says. “We aim to strategically tailor our approach to each case to best meet the client’s needs.”

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